Party Guidelines


Please secure your party booking with the payment of a non-refundable deposit of £40. Please note, the balance is required to be paid at least 7 days prior to the party. We have the ability to take card payments.
Please complete a Guest list to be handed in to Wackadayz reception on or before the day of your party but please confirm the number of children attending the party at least 2 days before the party and if increasing the party numbers, please pay the balance. We may not be able to cater for additional children unless we are advised in advance of their intended arrival. Stop sitting and doing nothing! Change everything here and now with the dark knight rises free online! Don't wait a second!

Additional party invitations can be collected from the Wackadayz Reception.
Your party day has arrived!

As party parent, please ensure you arrive some 10 minutes before the party is due to start to allow us to confirm your Guest list and prepare to welcome your party guests. Please encourage your guests to arrive on time where they will be directed to their seating area.

  • Should your guests bring children that are not showing on the Guest list they will be required to pay the normal entrance price for those children before being permitted into the play facility.
  • Your party will last 2 hours.
  • On arrival you will be allocated a party host who will begin your party.
  • Playtime will last for 90 mins.
  • After the playtime, the party host will request you to gather the children. Children are to gather and a host will lead them to their next area for 30 mins of party food.
  • You will then have use of our party area.

OPEN 9.30am-6.30pm

Party food will be served (please see party details for menu)

Before the party food is delivered to the table, your party host will bring the cake you have supplied, and the group will sing to the birthday child. We can cut this whilst the children are eating, and deliver this back to you to distribute to your party guests.

On completion of your party, free pass for the birthday child and a balloon for all other party guests.
What to bring on the day

Your Guest list, your party bags, your birthday cake, and your children. The rest is down to us, sit back, relax and enjoy.


Socks MUST be worn at all times. It is recommended that children wear Long Sleeves and Full Length Trousers, as the slides can cause Friction burns. Nylon (Tracksuits and Football shirts) is particularly prone to burns and scorch marks.

General rules

Children should always be supervised by their parent’s or another responsible adult. It is advised to have one parent for every 5 children, however at at Wackadayz Tots parties there should be one parent/adult to every one child. Wackadayz ‘Rules of Play’ apply at all times.Wackadayz will be open to other members of the public unless you have chosen the VIP party. Children are not permitted to re-enter the play area after the buffet Please consider the privacy of other guests at Wackadayz when taking photographs or filming the party